RSI Academy

RSI Academy allows you to discover more about the area of your activity. It contains all necessary information divided into five modules. The subjects include value proposition design, social business model, impact management, and circular economy. The course is intended mostly for innovators from rural areas. The additional benefit is the possibility to undertake it in the native language. English, Polish, German, Italian, Czech, Slovak, and Slovene are all available. After each module, you take the final quiz. If you have over 50% correct answers, you receive a certificate. However, you are well-prepared, so we bet your score will be at least close to perfection.

Course details

Modules: 5
Hours: 10
For everyone

Course features

Interviews with experts
Access to multiple tools developed by practitioners
Ready-to-use tips
Quiz summarizing the knowledge acquired during each module
Opportunity to obtain a certificate

Select module

Module 1Rural Empowerment
Module 2Understanding Community Needs
Module 3Business Model Design
Module 4Impact Design
Module 5Sustainability Design
Roots of Impact
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