What is the Knowledge Hub?

This is the place created for social innovation enthusiasts who want to explore more about their passion. You can choose your way to acquire knowledge. SI Academy is the first possibility. It is the collection of materials from the online course “Social Innovations Academy” created within the Social(i)Makers project. The second option is RSI Academy - the online course for innovators from rural areas designed as a part of the CERUSI project. What is important, you can choose first, second, or both options!

Knowledge Hub

Skyrocket Knowledge Hub

RSI Academy

We have a special course for innovators from rural areas. First, activate your account. Then, take the course in your native language. Choose from English, Polish, German, Italian, Czech, Slovak, or Slovene. Go through 5 modules. Get a valuable set of information. Do the final quiz and receive a certificate.

SI Academy

We know you want to learn more about social innovations. Guess what? You have all you need in one place. The program is divided into seven modules. Well-balanced modules, to say the least. You have it all - lectures, expert talks, ready-to-use tools, quizzes, and more. Choose the module and start your journey.

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