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Skyrocket Platform

The Skyrocket Platform creates space for Change Makers.

This free of charge tool enable users to submit Challenges and Innovations, establish cooperation and create the social impact. Simple forms and intuitive features encourage to be involved in the community of the Change Makers. Don’t wait. Just act. Take a look at the surrounding world, your organization, or community. Do you want to change something for the benefit of the general public or the environment? Do you want to incorporate Social innovations to your organization or offer them to citizens? Publish the Challenge or Submit your Innovation. You need just a few minutes to do that. Platform was developed as a part of the „Social(i)Makers” project implemented in the frame of Interreg Central Europe Programme.

About the S(i)M Project:

The main objective of the SiM project is to give everyone the opportunity to introduce cutting-edge initiatives. To achieve that, we are keen on developing and strengthening the Social Innovations in Central Europe. Financiers, entrepreneurs, policy makers and citizens are all invited to cooperate with us. We established an international educational program to link Social(i)Makers from all over Europe. Our project will result in launching effective and sustainable Social Innovation initiatives.

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