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Skyrocket Platform

The Skyrocket Platform creates space for Change Makers.

This free-of-charge tool enables users to submit Challenges and Innovations, establish cooperation, and create social impact. Simple forms and intuitive features encourage to be involved in the community of the Change Makers. Don’t wait. Just act. Take a look at the surrounding world, your organization, or the community. Do you want to change something for the benefit of the general public or the environment? Do you want to incorporate Social innovations into your organization or offer them to citizens? Publish the Challenge or Submit your Innovation. It is quick and straightforward. The platform was created as a part of the „Social(i)Makers” project. Currently, it is being developed under the CERUSI project.

About the CERUSI project

It is confidently stated that current social problems are the cornerstone of our activity. They have accumulated in recent times, especially in rural areas. As the resources are limited, we focus on finding new solutions. They need to be well-balanced between meeting social needs and creating social innovations based on relationships. This is what the CERUSI project is all about. The main goal is to support local actors in 7 EU countries to establish and develop social innovations and enterprises. To achieve this, we are keen on improving skills and building capacities in rural and peripheral CE regions. We support ecosystems. We want local citizens to gain well-deserved benefits from living in rural areas. Literally and figuratively, we want these areas to thrive.

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